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I'm not a professional photographer, but require anyone wanting to use my photos in any way to contact me for permission. In most cases, I'll grant it! They are copywritten as my personal property.

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My greenhouse is located in Elk Grove, CA. My orchids and greenhouse help me relax and have become my oasis. Check out the bio about me in the local paper.

My greenhouse is a 12' x 18' aluminum framed, kit greenhouse from Conley . During the summer I have to coat it with a thick coat of shading paint and 2 layers of 47% shadecloth to prevent the summer sun from frying my orchids. I have a Jaybird fogger, a misting system and evaporative cooler running all summer long to keep the temps. down. During the winter I remove the shadecloth and have a Southern Burner vented gas heater. All my climate control systems are wired through thermostats. I also have a reverse osmosis water system installed in there which is tied to my fogger. What we do for our orchids! I'm not a professional photographer and have no desire to learn, so keep that in mind when you view my photos! Please feel free to send me an e-mail if you have any questions.

My greenhouse

I have two large benches that I bought along with my greenhouse kit. They are an expanded metal that doesn't rust. The middle bench is on footings and there are two small pathways to get around. I needed strong benches to support my heavy plants and semi-hydroponic medium.

Here's a peek inside. I have a mounted plants wall. I'm slowly converting my mounted plants into S/H as well. I bought some plastic covered, large opening, "chicken wire" and used washers and screws to attach it to the aluminum frame. The mounts can easily be hung on this. It was cheap and won't rust. Most of my plants are mounted on fern bark as cork is becoming harder and harder to find. I buy most of my re-potting and mounting supplies from Cal West Tropical Supply. Air circulation is key, so I have three moisture-resistant, oscillating fans going 24 hrs. a day. I purchased these fans from Charley's Greenhouse Supply.

I am currently growing my 99% of my orchids in semi-hydroponic medium (S/H)and my plants love it! I've switched all my plants over to this method. I'm using the leca available from Crop King and Hydroton that I buy from Greenfire, a local hydroponics store in Sacramento.

orchid wall
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